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Cảm biến chuyển động (PIR) tắt/ mở 220V AC TDL-748

100.000 đ



Model No.
Passive Infrared Sensor Modules
Operating voltage
AC 120V~240V
Static power loss
≤ 50 uA
Delay time
16 Secs (0.5~900 Secs is optional)
Detecting range
≤ 140 degrees cone angle, ≤ 5M (07~7M is optional)
Triggers the way
continuous triggering, discontinuous triggering. (jumper)
Output type
high level / low level
light controlling induction
5 Lux ~ 500Lux (adjustable) (the function is additional)
PCB Dimension
115*15 mm
Functions and Features

1.Automatic Induction:When people enter into the range of induction,it will output high level;when people leave,it will turn off high level and output low level with delay.
2.Photosentive control (it is optional,not default setting):If adopting photoactive control,it doesn't turn on during daylight or in strong light environment.
3.Triggering in two ways:
A .Non-repeatable trigering mode:After the sensor output high level with a period delay,automatically turns to output low level. 
B. repeatable trigering mode: After it outputs high level, in the delay period,if there is presence of people,it keeps on outputting high level until people leave,then turns to low level.
4.Sensor locked time setting (default setting: no) After the sensor modules' outputting (high level turns to low level),you can set a locked period,in this period,the sensor will not induce any signal.the sansor can work between "ouput period" and "locked period" alternately.

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